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RBC Life Sciences is a global provider of evidence-based nutritional supplements, wound care and pain management products. In 2007, the company recorded the highest earnings in its history, and it continued the trend during 2008. With a seasoned executive team in place, the company's president and CEO Clinton Howard has implemented a plan to maximize RBC Life Sciences' aggressive domestic and international expansion across all its brands.

RBC Life Sciences' science-backed nutritional supplements are uniquely positioned to capitalize on the growing wellness revolution, which one industry analyst predicts will become America's next trillion-dollar industry. Baby Boomers in particular and the general population as a whole are becoming increasingly conscious of the benefits of nutritional supplementation. An article in a 2002 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association said that it was prudent for all adults to supplement because diet alone was unlikely to provide the essential nutrients the body needs.

The company's medical products brand, MPM Medical Inc., markets a line of uniquely formulated wound care and pain management products that are receiving clinical acclaim. In 2008, The Kroger Co. began carrying two of the company's products in its 1,900 pharmacies nationwide. MPM is pursuing aggressive international expansion.

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